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My name is Gary Mogford and I am one of the Original Founding Members Of The Six Figure Mentors

As an Official Associate and Founder Members of The Six Figure Mentors I have created this blog to keep my loyal subscribers up to date with the latest news and provide information on how I can sponsor new members who wish to join The Six Figure Mentors.

The Six Figure Mentors 2.0  launched in December 2010.

If you would like to register your interest in joining or just get all the latest news about The Six Figure Mentors, please enter your details into the box provided.

***Please Be Aware That The Only Way To Join The Six Figure Mentors 2.0 Is To Be Sponsored By An Original Founding Member Such As Myself***

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“Special Bonus” From The Six Figure Mentor Gary Mogford

As a thank you for your interest in The Six Figure Mentors, I would also like to send you a FREE copy of my 7 Day Boot Camp Training, for you to study. This video teaching course will give you an insight into the massive benefits you will receive when you join us at The Six Figure Mentors. It will also explain some of the ways that The Six Figure Mentor use the power of the internet to make money online. The Six Figure Mentors Free Boot Camp

The Six Figure Mentors “Mission Statement”

The Six Figure Mentors are committed to the principle of creating massive value, using this as the foundation of everything we do. This sense of value goes beyond what can be quantified in our business, and is expressed in unwavering respect for our leaders, employees, customers, and the community at large. Our purpose is to empower people around the world with knowledge. As teachers, we strive to remember that we’re learners first, continually seeking out the most innovative ideas, technical know-how, and life principles to help the people we serve live in true abundance. The Six Figure Mentors are committed to leveraging the power of networks and community in human relationships to achieve these goals. We realise that success can have a viral cascade effect as a spirit of dialogue and community are fostered, and this principle is key to our philosophy. Our efforts are structured with the individual success of every SFM member foremost in mind, realising that their success is our success. Therefore, The Six Figure Mentors work to empower SFM members with every possible asset to better themselves.

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